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Finding Chinese ancestors is now easier than ever. With Hints Discovery, we automatically match new records to your family tree. Just update your tree and we’ll send hints your way.

🔔 To receive hints, enable “Record Matches” in your Profile under Email Notifications.

🧩 Tip: The more details you add for each ancestor (e.g. bilingual names, places, and dates), the better hints you’ll receive.

🚀 We’ve made significant optimizations to minimize irrelevant hints and simplify the hint review process.

Quick Start for New Users

New to family trees? Our guided onboarding makes it a breeze. Start for free now.

Reverse-Engineer Your Chinese Surname

Now you can auto-fill Chinese surnames in your family tree. Just type the romanized spelling in the EN Last Name field (“Wang”), and we’ll recommend the most likely surname characters for you in the CN Last Name field (王).

Smooth and Swift Tree Navigation

Navigate your family tree effortlessly with our new mini-map feature. Enjoy smooth-as-silk loading and editing speeds with our latest optimizations for large family trees.

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Chrislyn Choo

Chrislyn is a US-born artist with roots in China and Malaysia. When she's not documenting life stories, you can find her drooling over family recipes and hosting community gatherings.

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